A Few Words About CAKES BY Gina

About Gina

Gina has roots in both architecture and baking making her a true hybrid in the cake industry.    She was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where it was evident to her parents early on that she had a knack for baking cakes.  Her friends and family were always willing and ready to initiate Gina’s many assorted cake concoctions, especially her popular French butter cream fillings.  

Life brought Gina to the U.S. for high school and beyond, where she received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Houston. While her professors challenged Gina to develop an eye for structure, form and function, her heart challenged Gina to feed her passion for creating cakes. 

In 1999, Gina designed and created the cake of her dreams, her wedding cake.  This was no ordinary wedding cake though—it was “the one”—the one that launched Cakes By Gina.  You can see the successful marriage of Gina’s two loves for baking and architecture through the countless praises from her clients, peers, and the industry.  Her unique story is the secret ingredient to building cakes that are equally pleasing to the palette as they are to the eye.

What we offer

-Freshly baked and decorated cakes.
-Excellent customer service.
-Creative and beautiful designs.
-Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
-Specialty on 3-D cakes.
-Complimentary cake tasting consultations.
-Complimentary 1st birthday cupcakes.
-Delivery to all Houston and surrounding areas.

ordering &


Wedding consultations are done by appointments only. We recommend that you book your wedding cake 3-6 month before your event. Please remember booking depends on availability. Cake tasting appointments are Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00pm. Last Saturday appointment is at 3:00pm. Celebration Cakes can be ordered by E-mail, phone or in person. We only offer design consultation for these cake when the event is 50 person or more.


There is no set price list for our creations. Pricing is based on individual order plus complexity of the design. Birthday cake prices depend on the the size, decorations and complexity of the design. Wedding cakes are priced by the number of serving and design. Buttercream iced cakes start at $4.00 per serving. Buttercream with Fondant decoration start at $5.00 per serving, and Fondant iced cakes start at $5.50 per serving. Final price depends on total design of wedding cake.

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